Hire me

I am available for hire.

You have an idea about an app, but you don’t know how to write code?

You sent the creation of an app to an outsourcing company in Asia, and are not satisfied with their work?

You have an app in the app store and need an update, but the person who made it is no longer available?

You need help publishing an app in the app store?

You want to talk about an idea you have?


Email me. (Ich spreche natürlich auch deutsch)


If you have a great offer I might even consider to work full time for you, as an employee.
I’m willing to relocate to almost every great country in the world. At least if you can help me to get a work permit.
I’m from Germany, so if your company is within the European Union there shouldn’t be a problem at all.



PS: I can’t help you with your personal software projects. If you have problems with your personal projects please don’t email me. Visit www.stackoverflow.com and ask your question over there. Stackoverflow has tons of smart people who will answer your question in no time.